Mask project in collaboration with the Singapore government.

*** Project completed and masks fully distributed. ***

** Mask is no longer in production and developed into reusable version (See SMedLife Reusable Face Mask). **



SMedLife Single-use Face Mask - Child

Excluding Tax
  • Materials information

    Mask Component


    Inner layer (face side)

    Absorption of body fluid expelled by wearer

    Middle layer


    Outer layer

    Repel water

    Elastic band

    Ear loop


    EN 14683:2014 Medical face masks - Requirements and test methods

    • Type I Medical Face MasksUsed for patients in order to reduce the risk of the spread of infections, particularly in epidemic or pandemic situations.


    • Type II Medical Face MasksAre principally intended for use by healthcare professionals in an operating room or other medical settings with similar requirements. Type II is further divided according to whether or not the mask is splash resistant. The 'R' signifies splash resistance.


    • Type IIR Surgical MaskWhen tested in accordance with ISO 22609:2004 the resistance of the medical face mask to penetration of splashes of liquid